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It’s the only place I can go where people don’t  t a l k  t o  m e.

Darkness returns to the Shadowhunter world.

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Parents on Young Adult Fads
  • Us: This Eminem song is amazing!
  • Them: Why is he so angry?
  • Us: I can't wait to watch the next Hunger Games movie!
  • Them: Why do you want to watch kids killing each other??
  • Us: The Mortal Instruments!
  • Them: Aren't they brother and sister???
  • Us: Twilight is amazing!
  • Them: Why is he sparkling????
  • Us: Oh my gosh, Justin Bieber!
  • Them: What happened to the one from "Baby"?????
  • Us: Game of Thrones is so good!
  • Them: (SHOULD I BE WORRIED??????)
How about a kiss, Saumensch?
He stood waist-deep in the water for a few moments longer before climbing out and handing her the book. His pants clung to him, and he did not stop walking. In truth, I think he was afraid. Rudy Steiner was scared of the book thief’s kiss. He must have longed for it so much. He must have loved her so incredibly hard. So hard that he would never ask for her lips again and would go to his grave without them.

Does this worry you?

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